Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Magic Lantern Society of the US & Canada's 16th International Convention

The Magic Lantern Society of the US & Canada will be holding its 16th International Convention in Boston from July 10-13th

The convention will be held at the museum that houses the Richard Balzer Collection. There is a terrific program, over two and a half days, including magic lantern shows and presentations about the history of the magic lantern and other forms of visual entertainment. 

Come hear about 18th century shows in Venice and Phantasmagoria performances in Madrid. Come learn about the great 19th century traveling show, “Théatre Mécanique Morieux de Paris. Come learn about the Pilgrims Progress Panorama and be entertained by stories about the Great Snazelle, magician and magic-lantern showman. There will be an exhibition of magic lantern material and an auction, open to all who attend. 

There will be the world premiere of the new documentary about Magic Lantern Society member Terry Borton. The film is titled “A Magic-Lantern Life: The Story of the American Magic-Lantern Theater” and on Saturday night, there will be an evening of Magic Lantern Entertainment at the iconic Brattle Theatre in Cambridge. Starting at 7:30pm five lantern showmen will each give fifteen minutes shows. Open to the public, this will be an evening not to be missed!

For more information about convention attendance and registration please contact Richard Balzer at

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